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Skin is a beautiful thing. Wear it well. #indievera


  • INDIE Permanent Laser Hair Remover
    INDIE Permanent Laser Hair Remover
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    $ 369.99
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    $ 179.99
  • INDIE Instant Teeth Whitening Pen
    INDIE Instant Teeth Whitening Pen
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    $ 79.99
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    $ 24.95
  • INDIE Skin Rejuvenation Wand
    INDIE Skin Rejuvenation Wand
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    $ 139.99
    Sale price
    $ 59.99
  • INDIE LED Photon Face Mask
    INDIE LED Photon Face Mask
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    $ 389.99
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    $ 149.99


INDIE Ultra Sonic Skin Scrubber

"I'm so happy with my purchase as I can't believe how great the skin scrubber works. I use it everyday before I go to bed and I have been seeing results in less than one week! For a 54 year old woman, my skin has never felt or looked better."

- Mary D. 

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INDIE Magic Iron Spin & Curl

"This is amazing and worth every penny. I have tried every type of curling iron to get those perfect beachy wave curls and only ended up burning my fingers or my head. This takes all the guess work of how to curl your hair. I have a lot of hair that does not like to hold curls. It usually becomes flat within a couple hours. Not with this. I can curl my hair in the morning in 15 minutes and it remains curly all day."

-Allison W.

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INDIE Blackhead Pore Vacuum

"My neck and shoulders have brought me so much pain over the years and I didn't want to spend money on a highly priced one-time massage or professional acupuncture routine. This acupuncture pen works wonders and my body feels so rejuvenated after 5 minutes of use. So happy with my purchase."

- Mercedes T.

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