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Why You Need to Find Your Calling and Do What You Love

Have you found your calling yet? Are you doing what you love? For most of us, we’re still trying to figure what that massively heavy question means to us and how it will impact our lives. I know that at this point in my life, I’m in no way supposed to have it all figured out. I am completely aware that many people struggle with the meaning of life for, well, their whole lives. It seems to me that I am currently more confused than ever. I’m extremely blessed and endlessly thankful that I have had the opportunity to build my own business. I absolutely love that I’m not, from a job anyway, tied down to any particular location in...

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Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  Instagram is a leader in terms of social interaction and business promotion alike. With it's cozy environment and obvious "inside look" into the lives of others, it's easy to forgo watching out for basic etiquette when interacting with others.  There are certain behaviors that absolutely must be refined in order to establish yourself as an established business and are critical to your success. Some of the things you're doing, may be sending customers to other online retail establishments. What is etiquette, you ask? Noun  1. Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties ofconduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. 2. A prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances. 3. The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other. Thanks,   In layman's terms, there are times you're being totally rude without even realizing it. Here's how you might be doing it: 1. Sending a promotional message to someone who sells the...

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Why Your Business Needs Consistent Branding and How to Achieve It

Ask yourself this. Why would a customer choose to purchase a product from your business verses another company?  If you don’t know the answer to this question, you need to begin working on your branding strategy. Your brand is what sets you apart and makes your customers or clients feel connected to your business, bringing them back time and time again.  Why is consistent branding important? Builds Company Value and Recognition It is vital that each time a potential client sees a component of your business, it is cohesive and consistent. The numbers vary for how often a potential customer must see your product before purchase depending on the type of sale. However, it’s pretty evident that it’s more than...

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