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Why You Need to Find Your Calling and Do What You Love

Why You Need to Find Your Calling and Do What You Love 0

Have you found your calling yet? Are you doing what you love? For most of us, we’re still trying to figure what that massively heavy question means to us and how it will impact our lives.

I know that at this point in my life, I’m in no way supposed to have it all figured out. I am completely aware that many people struggle with the meaning of life for, well, their whole lives. It seems to me that I am currently more confused than ever.

I’m extremely blessed and endlessly thankful that I have had the opportunity to build my own business. I absolutely love that I’m not, from a job anyway, tied down to any particular location in the world. I am incredibly lucky to be working alongside my best friend every single day. He truly lifts me up. Yet, something is missing.

In the end, why “grind” if you have no idea what your true purpose is? If it makes no real difference in the world, is it really worth it? If you’re doing a job that doesn’t quite feel like your calling, what’s the point?

I have spent hours and hours and hours for the past year and a half listening to podcasts, books on tape, and watching entrepreneurs on YouTube. Everyone seems to be telling you who to be. You need to separate yourself as a fashion blogger, a travel blogger, etc. You need to sell physical products rather than digital, everyone who knows something should be a teacher.

I love fashion, but I don't want to flaunt it. I love traveling blogging more than anything but don't have the funds to do it yet. I know a lot about running a business but I don't really want to spend my time teaching it. I don’t want a business that just makes money. I want a business that makes a difference. I want a life goal that changes the world. I really don’t know what that means for me yet. Am I going crazy?

Lately, life has been throwing a whole lot curve balls demanding that I search harder. I seem to cry constantly and randomly, really, for no apparent reason. If someone were to ask, I honestly wouldn’t know! Yet the tears come. I have an Etsy shop, an online retailer shop and a new real estate property. What could possibly be missing in business? It's the calling, I think, to not necessarily build a business but make money doing what I love. There is a difference, I assure you! I wrote the following last night while I was trying to figure out what was wrong:

" I can tell you one thing, I’m sick of the fakeness. I literally cannot stand it. Can anyone just live an authentic life? To be entirely truthful, that’s exactly the reason why I can’t even figure out what supposed to write about. Let’s just go with it.

It’s absurd! Girls in bikinis are suddenly the only way to make money? A giant butt and the tiniest of waists is the only way to be a real woman? Using words like 'bae' and 'AF' are the only way to get people to understand you? I’m not getting it! Those are all just fillers for the real, true things that are happening in this world. The fakeness is taking away from the fact that we are all just human beings, hopefully trying to live our best, most genuine lives.

No, I don’t care if you went on a trip to Cabo last week, if you’re on the latest “Beyonce diet,” if you spent so many years never fighting and being ridiculously 'perfect' with your spouse. I’m interested in real life and I’m wondering where it’s hiding.

I’m sick of people looking at their phones, look at the sunset instead! I’m sick of people texting all the time, go pet a dog! I’m sick of everyone judging each other, we’re all good people! And I’m mostly sick of everyone judging themselves. My god you’re incredible! The only person who needs to tell you that is yourself. This alternate reality makes all of us normal people (which is all of us, by the way) feel like outcasts.

Where are the pictures taken with a Polaroid that never end up anywhere but a shoebox under the bed? Where are the nights out with friends that are captured and shared in our hearts and not on Snapchat? Where is the shy smile exchanged between strangers on a subway rather the blindness of eyes looking at screens?

Where is everyone? "

Posing for pictures and trying to make my Instagram "profitable" has me feeling more fake than ever. I go through such long periods not posting anything because it feels absurdly pointless. I'd much prefer my friends and family to see my social platforms and recognize me as the same, spunky girl who talks a lot and thinks even more. I want to look at my Instagram and recognize myself. Most importantly, I want to write about the things I care about and not what other bloggers and entrepreneurs say is profitable.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I "grow up" but I know without a doubt that I don’t want to be fake. I don’t know who I’m talking out there, but I know I want to be talking to you. I never knew I had anything to say until I began to write.

Sometimes we are brought to our lowest points so we can find our true calling. Sounds ridiculous, I know. I truly believe that we must become horribly unhappy just to recognize it in the first place. When we are too comfortable, we refuse to make change.

[bctt tweet="If you’re going through a rough patch, consider that you may be meant for something far greater than you believe." username="beautybosstosh"]

Nate and I have been roped around to our absolute lowest moments since moving to Oklahoma. I have to believe it's a sign that we're meant for something different, something greater.

I so appreciate all of you who have been along with me during all the low moments of my life. I know that in you, I have a private cheering section ready to help lift me up me during my next freak out. In return, I'd like to be there for you. We can support each other during our life journeys and be friends when we feel like we have no one else. We can search for our true callings together and finally, finally, make this world a better place.



  • Tashina Sliwinski
Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid 0


Instagram is a leader in terms of social interaction and business promotion alike. With it's cozy environment and obvious "inside look" into the lives of others, it's easy to forgo watching out for basic etiquette when interacting with others. 

There are certain behaviors that absolutely must be refined in order to establish yourself as an established business and are critical to your success. Some of the things you're doing, may be sending customers to other online retail establishments.

What is etiquette, you ask?

1. Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties ofconduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

2. A prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

3. The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other.


In layman's terms, there are times you're being totally rude without even realizing it.

Here's how you might be doing it:

1. Sending a promotional message to someone who sells the same product as you.

When I first started Beauty Boss Tosh, I was mainly promoting LipSense and Monat products. I literally can't count the number of times I was offered LipSense and Monat products by other distributors and Market Partners on Instagram. It was sad and also a little funny that in an effort to sell sell sell, no one was actually interested in the customer! (me, apparently). Before you blindly send out your generic message, take a look at the page of the person you're messaging. It's important to know a little about your customer and looking at their profile is a good way to see if they are even a good target. Plus, it will help you avoid the embarrassment that comes along with them totally rejecting you because they already sell that product. (If this doesn't embarrass you, it should. Why? Because you're a professional.)

2. Sending the same promotional message to the same person over and over again without realizing it or correcting it. 

A few times I've been surprised to see that the same people keep sending me the same copy and pasted message every time I like one of their photos. I like to hop around liking posts because I enjoy being in the Instagram social world. Liking photos helps to build your following and boosts your personal engagement. Just because someone likes your photo, doesn't mean they are necessarily interested in purchasing your product or service right away. It just means they liked your picture. I am, in no way, saying that you should never send out promo messages. These can be a great tool, after all. But I am saying that if you do choose to send one out, read through it to be sure it doesn't come off as spammy and make sure you're not sending the same message to the same person over and over. 

You should also be aware that the person receiving the messages sees all of them in one feed. When they scroll up, they can see your same message followed by them politely declining. Over and over again.

Just an extra food for thought on the subject; people love to be remembered. If you're sending the same message multiple times, it's telling the person that you don't remember them and don't even care to try. It's a rookie mistake and hopefully now you'll stay aware.

3. Believing that just because someone likes your photo, they want to buy from you.

I briefly touched on this in #2 but here it is again in more detail. Liking photos is all a part of the marketing game. It's a total necessity if you want your reach to grow and anyone who knows a bit about Instagram is probably doing this, or paying someone else to do it for them. A like is a like, and that's it. If someone comments that they're interested in your product, that's usually a pretty good indicator that they want to buy it.

I know that a lot of multilevel marketing companies encourage their consultants to use this method but I strongly suggest a more authentic approach. No one wants to feel that a product is being pushed at them. It just comes off as super spammy.

4. You're literally ONLY trying to sell your product.

A good way to think about selling your product is to find the problem your client is having and solve it for them. That's the basic premise of sales. Your product must be in place to provide value for your client and your job is to show people the value of your product.

With that being said, people don't just want to see your product all the time. Occasionally, I will come across Instagram accounts that have pictures of product after product. Sometimes I can't ever figure out who owns the Instagram account. This type of account lacks authenticity and consumers are very unlikely to purchase from an account like that.

But you know who people do like to purchase from? Other people! Show that beautiful, bright smile of yours! Allow people to genuinely connect with you and your life. They want to know why you truly love what your selling, how it has helped you, and why it will also help them. Don't be afraid to highlight your actual life so you can make some Instagram friends and sales.

5. When someone turns your down, you stop replying.

Countless times I have had individuals ask me if I have tried such and such product. I will kindly reply that, yes, I have tried this product and love it so much! I may follow up with a personal question or insight and many times, after being "rejected", this person says nothing else to me! Seriously!? 

Try to remember that Instagram isn't full of robots. These are real people your messaging and interacting with. Imagine if you asked someone on the street if they wanted to purchase this revolutionary lip color you're selling.

They tell you, "I'm actually wearing it right now, thank you so much! I see you're from Colorado, where's your favorite place to hang out?"

You look at them as they finish their sentence, turn, and walk away without saying a word. 

Yeah, that would be pretty freaking rude! Well guess what, that's the kind of crap people are pulling on Instagram and it's ridiculous. You can't expect to become successful with manners like that.

6. You "pick someone's brain" about their business but as soon ask they ask anything from you, you ignore them altogether.

My husband actually told me to list this one in here. I have one already successful Etsy shop that brings in the majority of my income. I also have a business and fashion blog (you're on it!). I frequently receive messages on Instagram from people who are interested in doing similar things for income. 

I'm super happy to help, that's what this entire blog is for, after all! But as soon as I ask this person if they're interested in trying any of my products or subscribing for business updates, they stop responding all together.

I'm not going to be offended if you say no. I am absolutely going to feel offended if you flat out ignore. This is basically what is stated above...just worse. 

You know, it takes a lot of time and energy to respond to people. Especially when these things are in depth business practices and sometimes business secrets that someone is telling you. If they take the time to share their knowledge with you, show a little courtesy and at least close out the conversation.

The most important thing you can take from this post is that in order to be successful in business, you have to have good manners. Everything else will fall in line after that.

  • Tashina Sliwinski
Why Your Business Needs Consistent Branding and How to Achieve It

Why Your Business Needs Consistent Branding and How to Achieve It 0

Ask yourself this. Why would a customer choose to purchase a product from your business verses another company? 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you need to begin working on your branding strategy. Your brand is what sets you apart and makes your customers or clients feel connected to your business, bringing them back time and time again. 

Why is consistent branding important?

Builds Company Value and Recognition

It is vital that each time a potential client sees a component of your business, it is cohesive and consistent. The numbers vary for how often a potential customer must see your product before purchase depending on the type of sale. However, it’s pretty evident that it’s more than once. Your potential customers need to see your products and your brand a few times (let’s say) before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

If your potential customers see your brand but the colors are inconsistent or the logo keeps changing, they are likely to think that they are viewing several brands rather than one. This significantly reduces the possibility of them making a purchase from you.

Your aim should be to create a memorable and trustworthy brand that is specific to your niche in the market.
Attracts High Quality Customers

Simply put, having a consistent brand breeds trust. A consistent brand looks more professional and people are much more likely to purchase from a company that they trust. A high quality customer that is potentially willing to pay a higher price for a higher quality product will typically only purchase said product from a well-established, trustworthy, and cohesive business.

Decreases Confusion

The rule of thumb is “the simpler, the better.” No one enjoys being confused and a confused customer is either less likely to purchase or less likely to come back. Everything in your business must be laid out neatly and your branding is no exception to this. A customer that knows exactly what is going on, who they are purchasing from, and what they are going to receive is a happy customer.

Allows Room For Growth

If your brand is well established, your customers are more likely to be on board as you launch new products or take your business in another direction. They’re investing in a brand, not a business and are apt to be more excited about the new direction your company is taking rather than confused by the change.

Protects Your Business

The more consistent your brand is, the better. It is always important to trademark your brand name or elements of your brand and is much easier to do so when the elements remain consistent. This is especially important in the case of another company copying or stealing from your business.

How to build a consistent brand

Visual Brand Consistency

Visual consistency is arguably the most recognized form of consistent branding. It affects the initial interaction your customer has with your business and whether or not they feel you are a reputable company. Visual branding includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Company Logo
    • A company logo should be simplistic and memorable. It should be placed strategically on marketing materials and follow guidelines to produce the same visual feeling each time.
    • The logo should have consistent coloring.
      • Create a colored logo (using your chosen brand colors), a black logo, and a white logo.
    • It should be specified when and where to use the each logo and they should always be placed near the same area on images or marketing materials with similar sizing.
  • Branding Materials (Signage, banners, business cards, marketing materials, etc.)
    • All materials should have a consistent color scheme (Your chosen color scheme for your business).
    • All materials should contain your company logo.
    • All of your company materials should use the same font scheme.
      • Select 3 fonts that your business will be known for – stick to these three fonts.
        • Consider a decorative font, a title font, and a general paragraph font.

Check out our shop for consistent branding materials. They are specific to the corresponding multi-level marketing companies but can be adapted for any business. They’re all fully customizable templates!              

Communication Consistency

This type of branding consistency is often overlooked but arguably the most important.  Communication includes any sort of interaction you have with your customer or potential customer. This includes all the wording used on your social media, on your website, or email correspondence. When crafting your business communication, consider the following:

  • Tone
    • Your business will have a specific tone based on your brand’s mission. Is the tone of your business a helping hand or a hardcore go-getter? This makes all the difference in establishing your brand. Be sure to use a tone that is genuine and natural.
  • Emails
    • Always be polite and professional in your email or message communication.
    • Triple check for spelling and punctuation. Nothing can make you seem more unprofessional than a misspell or grammatical error.
    • Fill out your email signature
      • Name
      • Title
      • Website
      • Social Media Buttons
    • Consider obtaining a professional email from your website domain name. ( is much more professional than
  • Spelling and Grammer
    • As mentioned above in the email section – spelling and grammar are so important! If you want your business to seem legitimate and trustworthy, you should definitely know the difference between there, their, and they’re. This is just one example, there are may other grammatical mistakes to keep your eye out for.

Follow our guidelines to achieve consistent and cohesive branding that will take your business to the next level. New business owners often overlook the importance of branding for success. Remember that clients often purchase a product because the brand behind the product rather than the product itself. How you connect your brand with your clients and future customers will drastically increase your success in the future.

What branding strategies have worked for your business? Share below!