Why Your Business Needs Consistent Branding and How to Achieve It

Ask yourself this. Why would a customer choose to purchase a product from your business verses another company? 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you need to begin working on your branding strategy. Your brand is what sets you apart and makes your customers or clients feel connected to your business, bringing them back time and time again. 

Why is consistent branding important?

Builds Company Value and Recognition

It is vital that each time a potential client sees a component of your business, it is cohesive and consistent. The numbers vary for how often a potential customer must see your product before purchase depending on the type of sale. However, it’s pretty evident that it’s more than once. Your potential customers need to see your products and your brand a few times (let’s say) before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

If your potential customers see your brand but the colors are inconsistent or the logo keeps changing, they are likely to think that they are viewing several brands rather than one. This significantly reduces the possibility of them making a purchase from you.

Your aim should be to create a memorable and trustworthy brand that is specific to your niche in the market.
Attracts High Quality Customers

Simply put, having a consistent brand breeds trust. A consistent brand looks more professional and people are much more likely to purchase from a company that they trust. A high quality customer that is potentially willing to pay a higher price for a higher quality product will typically only purchase said product from a well-established, trustworthy, and cohesive business.

Decreases Confusion

The rule of thumb is “the simpler, the better.” No one enjoys being confused and a confused customer is either less likely to purchase or less likely to come back. Everything in your business must be laid out neatly and your branding is no exception to this. A customer that knows exactly what is going on, who they are purchasing from, and what they are going to receive is a happy customer.

Allows Room For Growth

If your brand is well established, your customers are more likely to be on board as you launch new products or take your business in another direction. They’re investing in a brand, not a business and are apt to be more excited about the new direction your company is taking rather than confused by the change.

Protects Your Business

The more consistent your brand is, the better. It is always important to trademark your brand name or elements of your brand and is much easier to do so when the elements remain consistent. This is especially important in the case of another company copying or stealing from your business.

How to build a consistent brand

Visual Brand Consistency

Visual consistency is arguably the most recognized form of consistent branding. It affects the initial interaction your customer has with your business and whether or not they feel you are a reputable company. Visual branding includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Company Logo
    • A company logo should be simplistic and memorable. It should be placed strategically on marketing materials and follow guidelines to produce the same visual feeling each time.
    • The logo should have consistent coloring.
      • Create a colored logo (using your chosen brand colors), a black logo, and a white logo.
    • It should be specified when and where to use the each logo and they should always be placed near the same area on images or marketing materials with similar sizing.
  • Branding Materials (Signage, banners, business cards, marketing materials, etc.)
    • All materials should have a consistent color scheme (Your chosen color scheme for your business).
    • All materials should contain your company logo.
    • All of your company materials should use the same font scheme.
      • Select 3 fonts that your business will be known for – stick to these three fonts.
        • Consider a decorative font, a title font, and a general paragraph font.

Check out our shop for consistent branding materials. They are specific to the corresponding multi-level marketing companies but can be adapted for any business. They’re all fully customizable templates!              

Communication Consistency

This type of branding consistency is often overlooked but arguably the most important.  Communication includes any sort of interaction you have with your customer or potential customer. This includes all the wording used on your social media, on your website, or email correspondence. When crafting your business communication, consider the following:

  • Tone
    • Your business will have a specific tone based on your brand’s mission. Is the tone of your business a helping hand or a hardcore go-getter? This makes all the difference in establishing your brand. Be sure to use a tone that is genuine and natural.
  • Emails
    • Always be polite and professional in your email or message communication.
    • Triple check for spelling and punctuation. Nothing can make you seem more unprofessional than a misspell or grammatical error.
    • Fill out your email signature
      • Name
      • Title
      • Website
      • Social Media Buttons
    • Consider obtaining a professional email from your website domain name. (contact@unmeasuredbranding.com is much more professional than unmeasuredbranding@gmail.com).
  • Spelling and Grammer
    • As mentioned above in the email section – spelling and grammar are so important! If you want your business to seem legitimate and trustworthy, you should definitely know the difference between there, their, and they’re. This is just one example, there are may other grammatical mistakes to keep your eye out for.

Follow our guidelines to achieve consistent and cohesive branding that will take your business to the next level. New business owners often overlook the importance of branding for success. Remember that clients often purchase a product because the brand behind the product rather than the product itself. How you connect your brand with your clients and future customers will drastically increase your success in the future.

What branding strategies have worked for your business? Share below!

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