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INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover
INDIE Instant Hair Remover

INDIE Instant Hair Remover

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Spending hundreds of dollars a year on expensive, ineffective, sometimes painful waxing and shaving products is now a thing of the past. 

Tired of plucking, waxing and threading? Why pay thousands of dollars for a professional treatment to remove unwanted hair, not to mention the pain that goes along with it when you can remove your hair all on your own schedule? It has never been easier to remove unwanted hair in the comfort and the privacy of your home, at a fraction of the cost, yet with minimal pain with the help of the Indie Instant Hair Remover!

Self care is a divine responsibility. Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Razor Burn
  • Dry Skin
  • Prickly Legs
  • Unwanted Hair
  • Excess Oil
  • Peach Fuzz on Upper or Lower Lip
  • Dull Skin Tone
  • Uneven Texture

Our Instant Hair Remover is exactly what you need to achieve healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin. Using will help you achieve: 

  • Smooth Skin
  • Clear Skin
  • Minimize Daily Shaving
  • Reduce & Eliminate Unwanted Hair
  • Erase the Appearance of Stubble
  • Smooth Skin Around the Upper & Lower Lips
  • Improve Texture of the Skin

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair & Razor Burns

The perfect pain-free way to instantly remove unwanted hair on your face and body. Simply use the sensa-light technology to remove your hair with no mess and no fuss.


Did you know over 90% of people suffer from skin related confidence issues in their everyday lives? Thus affecting the way we live, interact, love, and conduct ourselves in everyday experiences. 

Do you suffer or experience the following symptoms?

  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear of missing out
  • Low Confidence 


The perfect hair removal for your bikini line, tummy, underarms, legs, upper lips, and any other hard to reach areas.

Instant Hair Removal is PERFECT for YOU!

  • BENEFITS -  Pain-free, convenient, instant hair remover that's safe and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Perfect for both men & women.  
  • NO MORE - No more painful or smelly hair removal methods. No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns.
  • WHERE TO USE - Ideal for any body parts - facial hair, belly, arms and under arms, hard to reach areas on legs
  • THE TECH - Micro-oscillation technology sweeps away unwanted hair in one step, without pain or irritation - unlike other old methods like laser
  • GUARANTEES - Dermatologist approved. 60-day money-back guarantee.


Rediscover your youth with lasting baby-soft skin. This is a Pain Free Hair Remover that uses advanced Sensa-Light technology! It’s ideal for woman of all ages. Get those soft smooth legs you always wanted.

Instant Results

One stroke is all it takes to create a smooth surface. The most advanced all over hair removal is not a razor - the micro oscillation technology removes hair painlessly.

100% Safe

Get rid of facial hair without painful plucking, making laser treatment appointments or waxing. Safe and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. With this device you will experience no more nicks, cuts, bumps, or burns!

Lasting Smoothness

Finally a way to remove hair from the root without the pain of waxing. Use once every four weeks for long-lasting baby-like smoothness. The remover will activate and remove hair as long as the head is against your skin.


Indie Instant Hair Remover comes with a Microfoil head for short hair, hair stubble or touch-ups. Use anywhere there's unwanted hair - safe on all skin types and colors. Did we mention it is dermatologist recommended? 


TOUCH ACTIVATED LIGHT - Micro-oscillation technology sweeps away unwanted hair in one step, without pain or irritation-unlike laser or thermal hair removers.

FIRMING AND SMOOTH SKIN - Micro-current pulse technology can activate cell vitality, boost collagen regeneration, and help restore skin elasticity so that skin remains moisturized and firm.

NO MORE NICKS, CUTS, OR BUMPS - Ideal for facial hair and perfect for bikini, belly, arms and under arms, hard to reach areas on legs, and it's safe on all skin types and colors.

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    Package Includes: 

        1x Hair Remover

        1x Microfoil head

        1x Brush

        1x USB charging cable and adapter

    Note: Please choose the right plug for your region when ordering. 


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